Blackbrush Creative is the small studio that my brother Tyler and I owned and operated from 2005-2012. We had the good fortune to work with quite a few clients doing positive work for their customers and local communities.

Our logo came together in a fit of inspiration. We’d been changing it off and on for several years and this latest incarnation was designed in thirty minutes and stuck. I suppose the problem had been on the back burner in my brain for quite a while. We dropped the ‘creative’ and just ran with Blackbrush. Shortening the name and stacking the words mostly mitigated our problems of say-ability and readability.

The business cards, based on a square grid of debossed dots, are meant to convey the thought that we put into design and the structured yet abstract way we create things. Laying up ten together you get an chunky version of our logo. Each point on the chunky logo was plotted on the nearest grid point. On the flip side, the type is sitting on a baseline that further divides the dot grid by three.

I refined the website design and wrote the HTML and CSS.

Project tags

Identity, Interactive, Print, Type

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