Although never completed, we did finish the final round of revisions on this project. My goal was to communicate their brand values: clear, strong, and personal, while also including a note of their unique, quirky personality as a firm. Their primary audience are managers at large local manufacturing businesses in addition they were planning to market to an upperclass customer base geographically close to the firm.

The founding partner, Kameron Cayce, has a unique ability to distill complex legal issues into the best simple options for his clients. We ran with the concept that fundamentally Cayce & Grove are guides, legal guides, that help their clients simplify problems and find the right path forward.

I used guilloche patters that are typically seen as design elements on official documents to protect from forgery. They are normally constrained by borders but I used them here to communicate the idea of simplification. Moving from complex to basic.

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Identity, Print, Advertising

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