College Goal Sunday (CGS) is a national program with local state-sponsored events. These events, held once a year, help students fill out the FAFSA—the form that is required for students to obtain most forms of financial aid. The program targets all potential college students, but particularly students that lack resources and an understanding of the application process. CGS Washington is a successful program. Holding over 20 events last year, they helped thousands of teens take their first step toward realizing their higher education dreams.

While being a successful program, CGS Washington’s public offering was suffering. The brand, website, promotional materials, and content were disorganized and dated. In addition, many non-profit organizations “leverage” the resources of their partners and in turn want to credit them. In the process, the clarity of each organizations’ message and brand can become muddied.

Building upon their established brand, we refreshed their cork-board concept to communicate youthful energy while clarifying the message and equipping CGS Washington with a strong visual language for the future. We completely reorganized, redesigned, and rebuilt their website.

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Identity, Interactive, Print, Illustration

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