Eastern Congo Initiative, founded by Ben Affleck, supports and funds local eastern Congolese grassroots organizations while bringing awareness to the dire humanitarian crisis currently taking place in the region. Additionally, the initiative advocates for policy change in the US and Democratic Republic of Congo to help turn the tide of violence there.

We were asked to contribute a logo and brand concept for the launch of the project. Unfortunately we only had a weekend to complete it. Ultimately our concept wasn’t chosen but we did design and build the website based on the selected brand. I’ve included our brand work here.

Because we were on such a short timeline we ran with the first strong concept we came across. Interpreting ECI’s mission as a drive to focus attention and resources towards their grantees in Eastern Congo we swapped the first ‘o’ in Congo with a silhouette of Africa minus the DRC. Eastern Congo is only the eastern edge of the DRC so we drew an axis through it and pivoted the ‘Eastern’ and ‘Initiative’ around that, making for a changing logo arrangement given different situations.

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