Mission Possible is an annual college and career fair hosted by the NELA Center for Student Success and the Boys & Girls Club. Vendors range from the University of Washington, to student loan providers, to the Seattle Fire Department. The main goal is to encourage young people to begin thinking about their future beyond high school and provide resources that will help them make choices about higher education and career paths, and the many options for financial support.

Having already named the event, NELA and the Boys & Girls Club needed to develop a consistent identity that would be represented in a variety of promotional materials, collateral, and signage. They also wanted to develop ways to engage students at the event.

The identity we developed expands on the “Mission: Impossible/Mission: Possible” word play and espionage by using the spy’s “watch” a the primary mode of communication. Students were challenged with various “missions” designed to help them get valuable information at the event.

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Identity, Print, Illustration

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